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It's okay to not know what Physiotherapy might look like.  Below are some commonly asked questions that might make you more comfortable during your initial session.  If this list does not answer your questions don't hesitate to contact us directly to speak about your concerns (and who knows, maybe it will help us update our FAQ and save someone else from wondering too).  

  • How long should I plan for my appointment?
    This will vary depending on the extent of your injuries and the treatment options that are utilized. It is recommended that you budget about one hour for treatments and one hour 15 minutes for initial assessments.
  • What should I bring for my session?
    Wear comfortable clothing that can be removed or stretched to expose the body site in question. For example a knee injury would be best assessed with shorts or loose capris and a shoulder injury would be best viewed with a tank top. For exercise participation please bring clean indoor footwear to preserve the cleanliness of the gym flooring! Also bring any insurance documents that might help the physiotherapist assist you in direct billing of your treatment costs.
  • What can I expect for treatment options?
    There are many types of treatments and typically a combination will be used. Physiotherapists often utilize modalities (heat, ice, TENS, EMS) in addition to manual therapy techniques (soft tissue work, joint mobilizations or manipulations). A large part of your recovery will be dependent on a good home exercise program. This will be established with you during your appointments to allow you to begin to self manage your symptoms through exercises/stretches.
  • I have insurance, will I be covered?"
    All insurance companies have different stipulations for what is required. Some may require a Physician's referral, others may require that you exhaust a deductible prior to services being reimbursed. Due to the variability in plans it is best that you check with your insurer for your own knowledge. The Physiotherapist is unable to determine how much is covered per year, or per treatment session, whether this is combined with other healthcare professionals like massage therapy, or whether only a percentage is covered (this is due to privacy laws).
  • Is the building wheelchair accessible?
    Yes! There is an accessible ramp and Automatic Doors.
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